Valerie + Vince's Winter Tahoe Engagement - Part One | Featured on Grey Likes Weddings

This was certainly a magical day and I'm honored to have the photos featured over on GREY LIKES WEDDINGS! There also more to see on my blog in PART TWO!

Winter Tahoe Engagement Photography Taralynn Lawton

Driving into the mountains around lake Tahoe the day before my session with Valerie + Vince absolutely took my breath away. It was just after the first snow of the season and the landscape was transformed into a magical winter wonderland! I originally tried planning to catch the leaves of the Aspens turning their vibrant yellow for fall, but missed them by just a couple of days. Instead we were graced with fresh snowfall and beautiful patches of winter trees, which was even more stunning than I could have imagined. Valerie + Vince’s easy and adventurous spirit made them a joy to shoot, not to mention how fun it was having their adorable pup named Ribs along for the session as well! All three of them were such troopers braving the cold and stomping through the snow for me and I can’t wait to be back in the Tahoe area next year for their wedding!

From the bride:

About a year after Vince and I met, we were skiing in Homewood at Lake Tahoe, which has some of the most incredible views in the area. I was struggling with the whole skiing thing, basically just cartwheeling down the mountain, which isn’t nearly as athletic-looking as it sounds (trust me). Exhausted and exasperated with snow in my eyelashes, I sat on the verge of tears overlooking the lake when he came and sat next to me, commenting on my “interesting technique” for getting down the mountain, making both of us laugh. We knew then that we’d be together for a long time.

From the bride: 

For our engagement session we really wanted to go back to the mountains, which held such significance in our relationship.  We were so thrilled when Taralynn offered to make the trip with us.  Our session happened to fall during the rare case of snow in October, which made for some of the most incredible scenery to explore in. Taralynn’s ability to capture the light and beauty of our surroundings was far more than we could have hoped for. We’ll cherish these photos and memories for a long, long time.